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  Watch our funny marijuana comedy stoner show with pot jokes, weed parodies, ganja tunes, stoner movie reviews and everything else we can throw in. We leave no stoner unturned to show the world that we are not stupid orlazy. Learn more at
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  We are here to entertain you with stoner comedy and information as well as activism and medical marijuana concerns. We are a TV style variety show that features many topics that are all marijuana related. Now there is finally a TV variety show for stoners that even forget their own birthday and have to use this tool to calculate it

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  We're stoners ourselves, but with a lot more to offer than Jackass type stunts. Many stoners are well educated, have stellar careers, and are pillars of their community, so we've decided to educate everyone about drugs: the myths, the facts, and the true lifestyle that billions of people endure daily, good or bad.
  We've been smoking marijuana for about 30 years each, and smoke daily. We're not racist, or sexist in any way, or judgmental, except for assholes and bullshit, but also intelligent, common sense oriented, logical, and precise at analytical problem solving. Stereotypes may have some truth to them, but not much, and definitely not with us Total stranger. 
We're extremely sarcastic as well.


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Are Stoners Really So Bad?
  Many stoners are good, hard working people, who have been unjustly terrorized by politics and police for more years than some of us have been alive. People that have been imprisoned, beaten, shot, and spit on just because they smoke weed or hash. We're not talking about crack dealers with fully automatic weapons, but otherwise honest citizens including celebrities and scientists that have been branded as devil worshippers, thieves, scum, or even animals


  In order to eradicate stoner stigmas, we have to legitimize our concerns. We are hoping to bring stoners out of the closet, to unite for a common goal. Support the show, to let others know that stoners aren't bad people, or stupid, and most shouldn't be convicted as criminals.

Webster's Dictionary
stig/ma (stig'ma) n. pl. -mas or stig-ma/ta 2. something that detracts from the character or reputation of a person, group, etc.: mark of disgrace or reproach.

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