Our stoner show topics include toking tutorials, marijuana music, medical information, pot jokes, celebrities smoking weed and police drug busts to learn about.
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  Here are our stoner show topics include toking tutorials, marijuana music, medical information, pot jokes, celebrities smoking weed and police drug busts to learn about.
  We won't be able to have every segment and cover every topic on every show, but these are the main segments and topics we'll be covering on a regular basis. These subjects are for adults only and the show is not recommended for children. The topics are geared towards stoners, but others are welcome to watch.
Tokers Tutorials How to roll - how to buy - how to grow - recognizing drugs - the lingo - etc
Marijuana Music Listen to some classic stoner songs that are played in part or in their entirety.
Erbish Editorials Our aggressive and open minded opinions on Marijuana, but almost any other subject as well. Eg: world population, politics, etc.
Bullshit Busting We remove all the bullshit from a quote, or statement, or myth and lay it bare for everyone to see.
Cannabis Events We showcase festivals, museums, gatherings, or anything else that's a special event related to Marijuana.
Medical Information We tell you the medical effects of all drugs, plus health tips and any cannabis warnings we come across.
Drug Trivia Q. - Pop quiz hot shot. You're Betsy Ross and you need to sew the very first American flag, but you have no cloth.
What do you do?
A. - Why, sew it out of hemp of course.
Pot Jokes Eventually we'll find every stoner joke ever told. Unfortunately, they're not all the best ones ever told, but you'll laugh anyway.
Pot Poems Roses are red,
Bud is green.
I love gettin' high,
If ya know what I mean.

Plus much better ones too.
Stoner Stories True stoner stories from our hosts, and any guest that we may have on the show. Some are funny, some are scary, but all of them are amazing in their own way.
Celebrity O.D.'s We re-Hash celebrity overdoses, so everyone can dispell any myths they might have heard, and to teach by others mistakes.
Celebrities On Weed We're going to tell which celebrities toke, what they think about it, and which ones have been arrested for it.
The Cannabis News Network
(coming back soon)
We report on fairly current cannabis news about large law enforcement siezures, celebrity arrests, law reforms, and so on, and so on.
Website Links We show you the best websites, but we also explore them and show you anything worth mentioning about them as well. We showcase event sites, organizations, products, and fan sites.
Stoner Scenes We show you stoner scenes from movies and TV shows plus explain them as well.
Top Ten We count down the top ten for almost anything stoner related. Movies, music, Tv shows etc., etc.
Police Drug Busts We show and tell what happens and how to avoid being busted by cops for drugs.
Police Bloopers We found hundreds of police bloopers to show stoners just for laughs.  
Police Brutality We showcase many vidoes where police use escessive force to detain innocent, docile or meek citizens.  
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