Stoner stories and partying story tales like a Rock in Rio concert, smoking hash, getting stoned, or chased by cops and doing acid.
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  Here is some of the stoner stories and partying story tales that have already been featured on the show. These subjects are for adults only and the show is not recommended for children. The topics are geared towards stoners, but others are welcome to watch.
Rock in Rio 2 week long rock concert
- Episdoe 1 Part 2
Big piece of hash that went on a tire ride
- Episode 2 Part 2
Fishing and camping on acid
- Episode 5 Part 3
Guys smoking a hash joint in jail
- Episode 6 Part 2
Chased by cops on a subway platform
- Episode 8 Part 2
Getting stoned on a train trip
- Episode 13 Part 1
Cop makes me eat my hash
- Episode 16 Part 3
Winning Iron Maiden back stage passes
- Episode 17 Part 1
Smoking Kasmir hash at an Ozzy concert
- Episode 21 Part 1
Swallowing an entire hash joint whole
- Episode 22 Part 2
Stoner oops stories
- Episode 25 Part 2
Doing acid at the last Who concert tour
- Episode 28 Part 3
Christmas story about jumping off a ski chairlift
- Episode 31 Part 2
Scavenger hunt car rally and party
- Episode 33 Part 1
Doing shrooms for Laser Floyd 3D and Virtual Reality
- Episode 34 Part 1
Puking up whole cheeseballs after doing bottle tokes
- Episode 36 Part 2
Driving while smoking joints and avoiding traffic accident
- Episode 40 Part 1
Doing acid while watching the original Nightmare On Elm Street movie
- Episode 42 Part 1
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